The Corporate Network for Disaster Response is a network of corporations, business associations and corporate foundations that works toward building the resiliency of the business sectors in managing disasters.

CNDR began in 1990 as a group coordinating the responses of the business sector for the Luzon earthquake. Today the network has evolved from providing limited community disaster assistance to developing a comprehensive disaster risk management approach with emphasis on preparedness.

CNDR incorporates the pioneering efforts of its members in facilitating business sector participation in disaster response management.

CNDR provides a means for the business sector to collaborate with government and non-government organizations and international agencies for the effective delivery of disaster response management services.

Building Resilient Companies, Communities And Cities

Why Community? Where we live: Location of consumers, facilities, human resources and value chain. Most vulnerable population to be found. Ground zero of disaster impacts. First victims, survivors and responders. Weakest link in overall capacity. Strongest link in the achievement of impact.

Why Cities? The physical and policy context for operability and growth driven by cities. Dedicated capacity for emergency response and DRRM mandate.

Why Companies? Security of Investments and continuity of business are priority concerns for common good. Critical in economic resiliency of a place.

CNDR is committed to building a disaster ready and resilient country.

This video shows a sneak peek of CNDR's work in partnership with R3ADY - ASIA PACIFIC among vulnerable communities and the result of the efforts. The focus is to build the capacities of the business sector and Filipino communities to effectively prepare for and deal with disasters.


Our Vision is to build the business sector
prepared to deal with disasters
affecting their company and community at large.

Our Mission is to help build capacities
of the business sector and the Filipino communities
to effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.


Our programmes aim for:

  • Zero casualty preparedness of high risk communities and strong DRR governance capability of LGUs
  • Disaster risk reduction and business continuity by companies
  • Disaster risk safety and security of employees and their families
  • Strong network of cooperation among companies, local and national government units, international institutions, local CSOs and communities for resilient cities, towns and communities
  • Innovation and dissemination of wise practices in DRRM


We provide technical assistance and capacity building of business organisations including trainings and workshops for their employees and families, institutional partners and communities. Consultancy in the design and implementation of disaster preparedness and business continuity plans, programs and initiatives.

Access to timely and relevant disaster-related information and participation in CNDR sponsored conferences, workshops and seminars such as the Business and Big One series; Business Continuity Congress and the Noah’s Ark Project Practitioners Conference; Special projects that will address emerging disaster related concerns to advance inter-company and or inter-stake holder collaboration.


Inter-Stakeholder Disaster Risk Reduction Management Projects

Businesses exist within communities. Employees and their families reside in communities. CNDR believes that business continuity and sustainability are better enhanced when communities and their local governments are able to effectively address local disaster risks.


The Business continuity programmes aims to provide smart solutions to help businesses gain the capacity to maintain connectivity, continuity and resiliency before and after a disruptive event. This includes practical, cost effective and tailor fit trainings, workshops and confidential consulting on multi-facted business continuity disciplines.

Practical Business Continuity Management
CNDR Center for Practical Business Continuity Management with its 1-day, 4-day and 40-day course modules, focuses on building capacities to develop and implement company business continuity plans and create a culture of preparedness.

Noah's Ark Project
A tested cutting-edge, fast and intensive six month program on capacity building, institutionalization and empowerment for disaster risk reduction management by local government units and communities to have a “zero casualties” goal capability.