Individual and Family Preparedness Seminar

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The Corporate Network and Disaster Response offers Earthquake preparedness workshops that address the needs of business and enables them to test their emergency plans and equip themselves in disaster preparedness. The course is both didactic and interactive. It is targeted at individuals and drives them to draw out an emergency plan for themselves their respective families. Small group discussions are based on illustrative scenarios.


The Individual and Family Disaster Preparedness workshop aims to transfer knowledge and practical know-how to survive a disaster and create a sustainable plan. The training workshop targets a broad range of professionals

Understand when you are at Risk

  • Understand the impact of natural and man-made disasters - Magnitude and Intensity - Ground shake - Liquefaction
  • Understand the facts on the big one – Importance of Metro Manila -West valley fault line
  • Learn about the nature of hazards and related approach to risks
  • Discuss the importance of planning for disasters
  • Discuss the corporate policy for earthquake preparedness
  • Assess the emergency plans in place - Corporate plan - Building - floor plan
  • Make your Emergency preparedness plan
    • Disaster Imagination - What is your most fearful imagination?
    • Imagine your most fearful scenarios at work
    • Imagine potential Life Risks
    • Identify specific risks to safety at home, work and public spaces
    • How do you deal with fire outbreak, power outage?
  • Enable you to identify the Identify Risks and evaluate the Structural risks at work/home
  • Develop a plan to reduce risks - At home, work and other establishments
  • Assemble your go bags/survival kits/stockpiling
  • Build Support Network - Cluster groups in departments/neighborhoods
  • Record your significant findings
  • Review your assessment and update if necessary
  • Group Discussion/Videos